Write And Sell Your E-Book – 3 Reasons Why You May Want To Write An EBook For Passive Income

You may want to write an eBook, but make sure you have the right reason for doing so. It seems like almost everyone you meet has written an eBook or a traditional book of some kind, but what is the reason behind it? You must ask yourself this question before you begin to write. Here are the three main reasons that people usually have for wanting to write an eBook.
One reason for writing is to gain visibility and credibility in your field. By writing an eBook you will be perceived much differently by others. This can lead to public speaking engagements, job offers, book deals, and other lucrative opportunities. You can give away your eBook when you speak to a group, and this may lead to something in the future you can’t even imagine at the time you speak.
You may write an eBook strictly as a lead generator for your business. If you are already established as an author, speaker, coach or other professional, writing an eBook will help you to increase the business you already have.
The third reason for writing an eBook is to make passive income online for years to come. Most people come into my program with this in mind. By finding a niche of hungry prospects that are willing to pay for information they want, you can do extremely well on the internet. Just remember to write your eBook in a way that gives people what they want, not what you think they need.
Writing one eBook every year will give you an income stream that will last a lifetime.